Marraige Equality

- 2 mins read

So it looks like we are all going to be asked to vote on whether same sex couples should be allowed to marry. In asking this question, one side of the argument is going to be advocating that we continue to deny all people the equality to be able to marry whom they chose, that some people are lesser than others, and less deserving.

Why in 2017 is this even an ok thing to consider? To ask whether people think it’s ok to discriminate against people based on the gender of their partners. It’s not like this is a conscious choice to be attracted to certain people, so why are they being punished for it?

I somewhat cynically noted that the ABC has advised staff to refer to the issue as Same Sex Marriage, and not Marriage Equality, but the latter is a far more accurate description of the problem, because it’s about why same sex attracted couples don’t receive equal treatment in the eyes of the law.

To even ask whether we want to continue to discriminate says something about the lack of spine in our political system right now, and the lack of leadership being shown.

But for all those I know who are directly affected by the issue, and those are the only ones who matter in this “debate”, I will be voting in favor of Marriage Equality, and encourage everyone to do so, because I deep down want to believe that we are better than we sometimes show ourselves to be, that we can give people something that they shouldn’t even have to ask for, the right to be with the person they choose.