Finding a voice

- 1 min read

I’ve always found it hard to write, I mean there are ideas in my head all the time, but the actual committing them to writing has always been a challenge for me. I had something of an epiphany today, that it may be how how I was trying to write. I was trying to force my self to write from the third person perspective, separate to the character, and it wasn’t working for me, the words wouldn’t come out. It wasn’t until today when I revisited a piece I’d started in 2013, that was written from the first person perspective, that I finally understood that I needed to mentally be the character in order to find their voice, that writing for me could not be from a cold third person perspective, because I could not engage with that.

When writing first person, the words flow so much more freely, as in this blog post now. You are never too old to learn something new about how your brain works…