A weird epiphany of sorts...

- 1 min read

So yesterday I was in the garage, untangling some tie down straps for the ute and packing them away properly, like a grown adult, and my mind wandered as it does in times like this. I’ve been a little bit stressed about my diabetes, and how well I’m going, and it occurred to me that I was sufferring a osrt of imposter syndrome, that I couldn’t accept that I was doing as well as all the proper scientific tests were telling me I was.

I was afraid I’d be found out that I wasn’t really mananging my diabetes at all, and that it was all me somehow pulling the wool over peoples eyes.

It seems my brain cannot accept that I’m doing well at something, even when there is actual proof that I am.

It was something of a “huh” moment, suddenly understanding my reaction to something. I am by nature very self analytical, probably too much so if I’m honest, and I have a very real tendancy to over think things, and not in a healthy way.

Last night after this realisation I had the best nights sleep I have had in a week or more.

Maybe a co-incidence, maybe not…