Playing around

- 2 mins read

This week marks the first of three consecutive weeks where I am off work, so it also means three weeks to play around and try things.

The firsty of these is in front of you now, I’ve covnverted the site from using wordpress as the backend, to using Hugo to generate a flat file static site, for which I just upload the files after editting using markdown. It majkes for a speedy site on a shared hosting server, and really for what I am doing, I don’t need the hit of a number of database queries every time a page is loaded, so we’ll chalk it up as a win!

The other thing I’ve done is switched to Manjaro Linux (XFCE Edition) as my daily drive. Part of this was driven by the the fact that I both wanted to run Linux as my primary OS, and I needed somethign that worked out of the box with my new GTX 1650 graphics card. Manjaro makes it easy for me to update to the latest NVidia drivers, as well as choosing to run a recent (but still LTS) kwernel in 5.4.2.

Manjaro does have a reputation for breaking, but I am willing to live with that, as it gives me a platform based on Arch that is relatively easy to maintain.

Another thing that attracted me to Manjaro was the fact that as a rolling release distro, software gets updated frequently, whereas something with a fixed release cycle, for example Ubuntu or one of it’s many derivitives, tends to bat for safety and it’s software repositories contain older versions of commonly available software.

It suits me and my needs well.