And so this is Christmas...

- 2 mins read

As I write this it is December 24th, 2019, which makes it twelve months to the day since I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Last Christmas due to the medication I was put on to manage my production of glucose I was actually not well on Christmas Day. This year, I’m on top of things, and in fact in November my doctor reduced my level of medication, as my diet and lifestyle changes had been having a big impact.

This year I’m around 15kg lighter, and two pant sizes smaller than this time last year, not to mention a hell of a lot healthier!

I had been slowly getting more and more unwell during the course of 2018, and so when I was able to see my doctor a year ago, I had a fair idea some changes were coming.

It has taken me most of this year to feel comfortable with where I am at, and start to feel like I had prior to the decline of 2018.

Aside from the medication the main thing I’ve focussed on is having a healthy diet, and ensuring I get some excercise each day. This is typically around 50 miniutes per day of brisk walking, broken up into an after breakfast walk, and another after lunch. Combining that with a balanced diet I’m in a better place going into this years festive season than I was last year.

I have to face the fact that diabetes is a degerative condition, that it gets worse, not better, so things will change, and I accept that, and that everything I’m doing now is damage limitation, trying to delay and reduce worsening issues down the track.

Hopefully though, 2020 starts much better than 2019 did for me, and I intend to keep up with what I’ve been doing, as the consequences are not something I want to deal with if I don’t.

I hope everyone has a safe and merry Christmas, and a happy new year.

December 24, 2019